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Where Screen Printers turn for Proven Products, Expert Service & Reliable Support

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Where Screen Printers turn for Proven Products, Expert Service & Reliable Support

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Quality Emulsions from Murakami, Ulano & KIWO for all of your printing needs

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Full line of Ink from Rutland, International Coatings & Matsui with color-matching service

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Leading Source for laminate, vinyl, banner, digital media, & heat transfer films

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Reclaiming cleaners & dip tanks from Easiway keep your screens in prime condition

The Midwest’s Leading Supplier of Screen Printing Supplies

Why Choose T&J Printing Supply?

T & J Printing Supply has been offering the highest quality screen printing equipment and supplies, backed up by fast delivery and superior service for over 10 years! T & J offers a wide variety of products from the industry’s leading suppliers, including equipment from M&R, emulsion from Murakami and Ulano, and reclaiming cleaners and dip tanks from Easiway. Digital equipment and products from manufacturers including Mimaki, BBC and Bourdeaux Inks. Also included in our line, graphic films from FDC. Recently added Sun Chemical inks now provides a one stop shop for all your printing needs. Our line of ink suppliers including Rutland, Matsui Water Base and International Coatings insuring a complete variety of inks to choose from. As an authorized Rutland Inks Distributor, T & J Printing Supply provides color-matching service for plastisol and water based ink in quarts, gallons and 5’s.

Established in 2005, T & J has seen continued growth with major expansions, with over 6,000 sq foot stocked warehouse located in Huntley, IL. All locations are fully staffed and designed to support the company’s just-in-time approach. Distribution includes additional locations in North Kansas City-MO and Indianapolis-IN. In a move designed to provide even greater customer support, we have an outside sales force ready to assist you with your next project! We have increased your purchasing ease with an extensive e-commerce site! View past orders, view real time pricing and create an on-line shopping cart for reordering ease! Create your on-line account today! We look forward to assisting you please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have! Contact us via email at or call us at 877-836-1337.

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