EL9755 Endurance Plus White 5 Gallons

EL9755 Endurance Plus White 5 Gallons

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EL9755 Endurance Plus White is a press-ready non-phthalate white plastisol ink with great bleed resistance and a wide cure temperature range for printing on 100% Polyester Performance fabrics. For fabrics with severe migration, use EL0755 Endurance Plus Barrier Grey as an underlay. The combination of the two give the best migration resistance. Endurance Plus White and Endurance Plus Barrier Grey have a cure temperature range from 280°F (138°C) to 300° F (149°C) while still blocking dye migration on most 100% Polyester fabrics.

Use on 100% Polyester

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Manufacturer Rutland Plastics Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer Name Rutland Plastics Technologies, Inc.
Package/Shipping Weight 69


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